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InvoiceHub is an all in one solution for creating, sending and approving financial documents

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Create, view and send all your financial documents in one place

InvoiceHub is a platform for better managing your quotes, orders, invoices and expenses as well as keeping your company organised

Create Documents

InvoiceHub allows you to create Quotes, Purchase Orders, Advanced Shipping Notices, Invoices, Credit Notes and Expense Claims.

Generate PDFs

Generate PDFs for each document type to send to other companies. You can upload your brand logo to customise the appearance of the PDF.

Send Documents

Once you've created your document it's time to send it! Sending a document will provide a unique URL that can be used to access the document via InvoiceHub as well as an attached PDF.

Attach Files

Upload files, notes and extra details along side your document.

Create Users

Create as many individual users as your company needs, with their own unique login details.

Set Permissions

InvoiceHub gives you the ability to set different permissions for users so each user can only access what they need to.

Set Limits

Want to make sure that John Smith can't approve an Expense Claim over £200? No problem! Set limits for each user so they can only approve documents up to a certain monetary value.

Manage all your documents in one place

Keep track of all your financial documents in one place, with the ability to perform global document searches and link documents together.

Organise your company

Organise your company's structure by creating departments, expense categories and a product catalogue.

Export your data

Export all your document data giving you the ability to import it into other systems.

Manage your connections

Build up a list of your customers / suppliers that you have sent documents to, including contact details and delivery addresses.

Create, edit and send documents easily

InvoiceHub allows users to create and view the following documents


To begin the process as a supplier, you can create a quote to send to the customer. When creating quotes, you can access a catalogue of all your products for ease of entry, as well as automatically add new products to the catalogue if they do not yet exist.

Advanced Shipping Notices

Advanced shipping Notices can be raised from a quote or a recieved purchase order - once an ASN is created, an invoice can be raised from it.


Users can create a stand alone invoice to send to the customer, or an invoice can be raised from an existing accepted quote or purchase order. When raising from another document, you can choose between raising a full, balance or part invoice.

Credit Notes

Users can raise a credit note from a previously sent invoice - InvoiceHub will keep track of all invoices and all previous credits made against the invoice to keep everything organised. You can quickly view any related invoices and credit notes at any time.

Purchase Orders

When logged in as a customer, you can create purchase orders and send them to suppliers. You will have access to the suppliers product catalogue so you can easily choose products that they offer. Once the supplier has received the purchase order, they can choose to raise an ASN or an invoice against it. All linked documents will be shown and can be quickly switched between.

Track Expenses

Create expense claims and send them for approval directly inside InvoiceHub

Create Claims

Create and send expense claims which can then be approved or rejected by another user in your company.

Upload Receipts

Users creating expense claims can add receipts and other attachments to their spending as proof of purchase.

Create Expense Categories

Expense categories can be used as templates for users creating expense claims and can be set up with properties such as fixed price, currency, and mandatory receipt upload.

Set Expense Only Users

Create users that can only access and create expense claims that will not be able to access other areas of Invoicehub such as quotes and invoices.

Send For Secondary Approval

Need the expense claim to be approved by multiple departments? Secondary approval can be enabled so that once an expense claim has been approved, it will need to be approved by a different user before it can be processed.

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